12 February 2008

Upcoming Valentines Day

Here it is, two days before Valentine's Day and I still haven't made my DH's valentine! In my defense look at what I have done.

These are for the children in my DS's pre-school class. I found the idea (and directions) for these at Julie's blog. I put the smarties in two of them so you get the idea. I'll wait until Thursday morning to fill the rest. I don't want to risk them tearing or just getting lost. He has 11 girls and 8 other boys in his class. I started getting tired of making these and still had most of the boys' left so I got out one of my wheels and finished lickety-split! Why didn't I think to use a wheel earlier??? LOL!

I made two of these for his teacher and her assistant. I got the idea from Sarah's blog. I think her Sweetheart boxes aren't quite as bright as mine, so I struggled a bit on the belly band. It was interesting using the different layers and trying to incorporate SU and non-SU punches.

Now I need to figure out what to do for DH. :D