22 February 2008

Directions For The Zigzag Cut

I received an email on how to make the zigzag on the Blue Bayou layer. So I thought I'd post the answer here as well. It really is pretty simple, but it takes a little time. Still, it is worth the time and effort to help keep down the thickness if you are sending it through the USPS.

I took the Blue Bayou layer and laid it on my grid cutting mat. I made two pencil lines from top to bottom the width of the zigzag (I used an old CM grid mat that has lines every ¼ inch) so my lines were ½ inch apart. I started from the top and moved a ruler down ½ inch drawing a line from the top left line in a slant down to the ruler at the right line. I continued to zigzag to the bottom of the c/s. After I finished drawing my zigzag line I took my hobby knife and used my ruler (actually my Perfect Layers) and cut along the zigzag line only to the point that my top layer could slide underneath the blue bayou. Make sure to flip the cut layer over so no one can see the pencil marks.

I recreated with scratch paper how I did this so hopefully it will show you better than just my written instructions. I inserted the pictures at the bottom. It really is pretty simple, perhaps a little time consuming but not too much.

I hope this helps! Enjoy!

If you get this twice, I apologize. I was merely changing the bright blue letters to black. I think I gave myself some kind of retinal burn with that blue! LOL!