07 May 2007

May's Class

May is here already! My class for this month will be on Tuesday evening the 15th at 6:30pm and Wednesday morning the 16th at 10am. I apologize to those that received an email with a date of the 17th. My DH is leaving town to attend a surprise birthday party for someone special to him and I think it would be best if the night before he leaves I'm not filling the house with stampin' women! ;)

I was working in my craft room last night. I have really wanted to try doing a Joy Fold card. I first saw this on Beate's website, and she recently posted a tutorial. I think this will be one of the cards we will make at my upcoming class. (So don't peek if you want to be surprised!)
*weak attempt to push pics down* ;)

This fold is really simple. I still want to put "something" in the lower left corner to help keep the top fold in place. I haven't decided whether to use a punch or stamp and cut out "something". Oh and the Sage Shaddow looks better IRL. I really like how this turned out. I think it looks good without the girls colored in, but I'm sure would look good colored in as well.

I left the inside blank rather than stamp something to provide a place to write. It would be simple to just not stamp on one of the flaps for writing space and stamp a word saying or pictures on the Vanilla layer. I may still doodle around the edges to help it not look so bare. I don't like my class projects to be too involved so I want to be cautious with this project and not go overboard.

I hope they enjoy it! :D