26 April 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Well Cindy Lou Who tagged me! I've enjoyed reading everyone's 7 personal tidbits and didn't expect to be tagged, but Cindy snuck up behind me and got me! LOL! So here goes. . . . .

1. I was born in Covina, CA but have moved so many times growing up I don't feel like I have roots anywhere, so I am "perfect" ;-) military-family fodder. Home is truly whereever we are currently living!

2. I spent 3.5 years in the Army Reserve while I was going to college and in the ROTC program. Then I was on active duty for 6.5 years as an Army Transportation officer. My brother Wade is currently a Warrent Officer (pilot) for the Army and my other brother Calvin is in the Nation Guard. My sister is just finishing up her Army training and will be shipping off to Korea for her first duty assignment. Would you believe that our parents met in the Navy?????

3. I am 5' 10.5" tall and my DH is 2-3" taller than I am. In a pinch I could wear his pants, but I'd have to use a belt to keep them up. I would hate to wear them though since they would be ever so slightly too short! Yes, I have long legs! (Anyone want an inch or two?????)

4. I am the eldest of four kids. My birthday is May, next oldest is Wade in August, next is Calvin in October, then came my sister Cori in December. I've always thought it was neat how our birthdays are in order of birth.

5. I have an associate's degree in Christian Counseling, bachlor's degree in Psychology and my master's is in Family Psychology with an emphasis in Family Therapy. My current job is SAHM with my almost 4 y/o son. Believe it or not, sometimes I sit back scratching my head and think, "what do I do now?"

6. I am not a a creative person at all! I love stamping because I can finish a project in a "relatively" short time (an hour or so. . . . .) as compared to my cross stiching days; some of those projects are still unfinished! With all the resources on the internet you don't have to be naturally creative you can CASE, (and give proper credit of course!) I have been a Stampin' Up demo for 6 years and love it because I can show people that if I can do it anyone can!

7. Although I don't have an alcohol or drug problem I think I may have an addictive personality! Just think about it, chocoloate, stamps, SCS and blogs. . . . . . I can never get enough!

Since the tagging has been going for awhile and I think so many of the bloggers I could list have already been tagged I think I'll just let you pick from my list of blogs to the right. If you see a blog you haven't visited before check them out!