02 August 2009

Updated Stamp Storage

I wanted to do an update to this post to show how I am storing my unmounted stamps. I am not as thrilled with the Stamp Keeper as I was originally was. I am continuing to use my Stamps Keepers as there is some benefit to using them, but for the most part they are just not as easy or inexpensive as this system.

I start out by cutting the stamps and using a permanent marker to write the company name on the back. Learned the hard way! I will try to add the set name if there is room. (I am showing you my process using my recent order from ISC.) Here is a picture with the stamps cut and the name on the backs.

Next I adhere that sheet that comes with the uncut rubber to a piece of typing paper. I right the company name on top to make identifying the company easy.

I put a piece of chip board into the page protector then add the typing paper with all the images attached. (If for some reason I don't have an image sheet from the set I just stamp the images on the typing sheet after I have prepped the stamps.) Here is the finished page protector.

Next I use Alene's Tack It Over and Over onto the back of the cut stamps. It dries pretty quickly. As you may be able to tell, the first ones are clear by the time I reached the end and took this picture. (See all the extra uses for your Scor-Pal!) ;)

After the glue has "set" and is clear I just put the stamp onto the page protector. Voila! I'm finished! Using the page protectors like this gives me flexibility to move around my collection, to expend or organize as I please. Fairly inexpensive as well!

BTW, often with sentiments I will stick them to the side of their image so I can read the sentiment.

I hope this is helpful to those of you still looking for ways to organize and store your unmounted stamps!