18 March 2007

Get Ready, Get Set. . . . . .

Well, I have finally finished getting the basement ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is THE day that the contract really gets started. He will tear up some of the concrete to move the plumbing for the bathroom. Although I am pretty happy with my builder, where they placed the pre-plumbing for the bathroom was horrible! There is no good place for a door from the front left of the basement to the back left (where my craft room will be.) By moving the bathroom plumbing to the left 3-4', so it will be along the wall, will free up some room so I will now have a nice double door from the playroom to my craft room. Anyway, the clean up, and shoving boxes into the sump pump alcove is finished. I took some pictures just to prove that at one time the basement was clean! LOL!

Here is everything (plus a little extra) shoved into the alcove. The contractor will try to seal this up with some plastic to keep as much sawdust and dust from it as possible.

Here is another picture of the shelves Wes, (the Contractor) built for us last week.

Here is our futre Media Room:

This room WAS my craft area, but will be Troy's play area. It will have a TV so (HOPEFULLY) he'll be able to play in his room and I can be in my craft area and still supervise him.

This will be my craft room. That pipe sticking up will be moved to the left and my double door will be between the bathroom and that gray support beam.

I crammed as much of my Stampin' Up stuff (and a few other things I thought I couldn't live without, can you say Cuttlebug?!) ;) into my office. Once my craft room is finished my computer will move down to my craft room. It will be so nice to be able to surf for inspiration then roll over to my crafts. *beaming*