20 March 2007

Basement Update

This morning our contractor, Wes, showed up with a plumber and another worker and broke up the concrete and moved the plumbing over several feet next to the wall. They capped off the shower plumbing; nope just a 1/2 bath down there. By law we can't have a bedroom, so we didn't see the sense in putting more expense into a larger bathroom. (We have two showers upstairs, so no worries there.)

Here they have patched the floor. I'm not sure if you can see it or not, but Wes and Troy were playing in the wet cement. Troy was quite tickled that his name will be in the floor forever. It is written, however, right where the wall will go so he won't be able to see it for very long. ;)

The framing, electrical and whatever else needs to get done before sheetrocking should be done by Friday! I won't push anymore basement pictures on you until then. :)