17 March 2008

TJ Just One Swap with Shirley

I have mentioned Technique Junkies here numerous times. The group has a monthly sign-up to swap a card with one other person. This month I swapped with Shirley R. I received her card over a week ago, but as you can tell with how quiet I've been I haven't had time to share her card before now. I wanted to share Shirley's card here so that other TJ members can get a better view of Shirley's beautiful card.

As I gaze at her card, noticing all the shimmer and shine, I start to think about what makes a great card. I believe it comes down to details. Whether those details are few yet simple to make a simply elegant card or those details are many and/or complex, the details seem to really make a card. Shirley's details span the various layers of her card as well as sprinkled on her focal point.

Texture is a part of the detail with this card. You can't help but run your finger over it to feel the glitter, the lattice, the beads and the embossed focal point. The pink layer uses the Spray Starch technique, which is an Ultimate Bonus for the 2005 CD. The lattice is an added layer with some bead-like embellishments. The focal point has been embossed the colored with something like Radiant Pearls, then a glitter glue adds both shimmer and texture.

I also love that Shirley added interest to the inside of the card as well as the envelope. She cut thin strips of Spray Starch c/s and put one strip inside the card and three strips on the front of the envelope. I often remind my students in class to stamp their envelopes to add to the beauty and handmade uniqueness of their card. I never thought to add an embellishment like this!

I will end here so I can get this published! I have been working on this post since first thing this morning! You've got to love all the business of life! (The running Troy to pre-school, the commissary, the vet's office, etc.!)