04 June 2007

Has It Really Been. . . . .

So long since I have posted???? Oh my! I was surprised when I saw the date on my last posting. I have a couple of excuses (who doesn't????). I did make teacher gifts for Troy's teacher and assistant, which I will post below. But first I want to show you one of the best reasons for my absence.

This is my nephew Curtis. He just graduated high school! Congrats Curtis! Troy and I drove two days to visit and see Curtis graduate.

This is another reason we went. My brother Wade (on the right) is leaving soon for a year in S. Korea and my other brother Calvin (on the left) will deploy this summer to Iraq. My little sister couldn't make it because she was already in S. Korea! She and Wade will be in the same area, which will be nice for them so they won't be so alone. That is the worst thing about deploying is being separated from family. At least they will have each other!

Okay, now on to my teacher gifts. Altered clipboards! Here is the one I did for his teacher. I used my CB to die cut the letters. The clipboards I bought at Wal-Mart for less than $1 each. The patterned paper I bought at my local Archivers along with the bling in the center of the flowers. The grosgrain ribbon is Stampin' Up! I bought some Making Memories paint (love those Archiver's coupons!) that I used on the top portion of the board. I used Modge Podge on the paper to adhere it to the board then added several layers on top to seal everything. Added the primas on top and moved on to the matching cards. I used leftover designer paper on the card and my giga and mega scalloped ovals. I stamped "giggle" on the oval, what could be better for a pre-K teacher than giggle? LOL! I used my slit punch for the scalloped edge on the black layer. Taa-daa!

For Mrs. Sandy, the classroom assistant, I did everything the same way just changed up the colors.

Now for a funny story about these clipboards. I had all the supplies, but hadn't started because I didn't know which color to give to whom. So I thought I'd ask Ms. Sandy which color Mrs. May would prefer, pink or purple. Well wouldn't you know what came out of my mouth? "Mrs. Sandy, which color would Mrs. Sandy prefer, pink or purple??" She looked at me and asked why. I still hadn't caught on to my slip-up. "Oh just for a little something," I responded. She modestly responded that it didn't matter, and I finally realized my faux paux. I just left it at that. I wonder if I turned three shades of red when I realized what I had said, but I just tried to play it off like I meant to ask that way! LOL! We gave them their gifts on Troy's last day, which was two days early since we were leaving town to attend Cutris' graduation. They were both so
excited when they saw their gifts. They especially loved having their names on their boards!

Thanks for reading through all this! Have a wonderful day!