31 May 2010

Freebie In Action

Sandy from It's a Colourful World offered up this incredible free digi. I showed it to my DS and he chose a couple of the images, so I printed them out for him to color to send to his Daddy overseas. I rarely post without sharing some card or project that I have made, but this time all I have to offer is my DS's artwork, (or should I say colorwork! LOL!)

Here he is hard at work. (Ignore that cushionless couch, it has been attacked by the Fort-Master this week-end!) ;)

Here he is with his completed cards. Those "lines" over his puppy are rainbows. And yes, he meant to have his fingers up like that, always one to make some silly look! Thanks so much Sandy for this wonderful images!

I have discoverd a wonderful singing group. I bought their CD and nearly always get teary during one or another of their songs. 4Troops has some perfect music for this Memorial Day! If I did this right, you should be able to watch one of their videos.

For all those that support our troops, thank you! Your support means so much to them and their families! Blessings on this Memorial Day!