15 January 2008

Troy's Merci Card

Troy's Pre-K teacher's birthday was yesterday, but we didn't know about it until he got some birthday cake during snack time yesterday so we made her a card today. I just mounted my brand spanking new Merci SAB stamp set! I had forgotten that the SAB stamps are now die cut! Yes! It literally took me 5 minutes to put it all together. So I actually let him be the first to use it. *gasp* Yes, my 4.5 y/o DS used my Merci first! Okay, so I was perched over his shoulder (literally) and helped him "twist, twist, tap, tap" into the ink and smoosh it onto paper. Then he colored it, insisting that he wanted me to help him color so I colored the blue part of the bumble bee and a few of the petals on the flower. Oh yes, he picked the colors "blue and pink" (Ballet Blue and Pretty in Pink.) That line along the top right is where he was going to color all around the card, but I nearly had a heart attack and he relented and just colored in the pictures!

And I can't help but show is handsome face!

I know Ms. Ross will love the card. I was a little apprehensive when the school year started because he was going to have a new teacher and he can be a handful. I need not have worried, she is a wonderful teacher (all that I hoped for) and all the children love her!

Happy Birthday Miss Ross!!