24 October 2007

October's Class

My monthly class is tomorrow evening. I have one person attending, so for all of you not showing up on my doorstep here are a couple of pictures of the projects I have in store for her. I am using the Boho wheel on both projects. I love the idea of tying projects together to show versatility. These items would be great as a little thank you gift!

Here are both projects:

Yes, those are yummy nuggets of chocolate!! I love how the SU wheels fit so well on the regular Avery mailing labels. Decorating these nuggets is so easy! If I was having a Halloween party it would be easy to use a spooky wheel to decorate some and put in a bowl for consumption. Now, I probably wouldn't do a project like this to just drop into all those bags that come on Halloween evening! LOL! I do have a coffee group meeting that I am hosting in January and I think these nuggets just may be on the menu! ;)

Here is the card:
I was inspired by tbiryds' card on SCS. I just love Wild Wasabi!! I think I could use it on nearly every card I make! I have tried to restrain myself and used other colors, but you can count on the fact that I did lay down some Wild Wasabi just to see if it would work! LOL!

Check back tomorrow, I plan on posting the card I sent my Just One partner. She should have received her card by then so it should be safe to post it here. I'll share with you that I used the Transparent Opalites technique from June/July 2007's newsletter!